PowerGrind Pro Vitality Electric Juicer

PowerGrind Pro Vitality Electric Juicer Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Vitality Juicer totally changed the juicing industry. Built on the foundation of our errant successful PowerGrind Pro Longevity juicer, our new Energy juice machine offers the same juice top quality and trademarked technological advantages as it's big brother, but in a smaller, more lightweight and at an magnificently lower cost. If you have a student that's off to college or friends just introduced to juicing, this juice machine would best gift to help them get started down the road to totally raw mindset. Vitality's Hybrid Technology brings together the best of slow masticating juice machines with fast centrifugal juice machines to preserve essential minerals and nutrients while getting up to 30% more juice per ounce of produce. One year manufacturer's warranty offered on motor and parts.


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